Capture Your Days || Step Two: Choose your Camera

Pick your Camera
Decide which camera you want to use. Any camera will work, of course, but keep your end goal in mind. If you want to share your pictures on your favorite social media platform, use your phone camera so you can quickly edit and upload during the day. If you want high quality images to turn into a photo book or print for a scrapbook, pick up your digital camera (point-and-shoot or DSLR). If you enjoy shooting with your film camera but don't pick it up often enough, this is your chance. These sessions are as much about stretching ourselves as they are about memory keeping. 

You can use different cameras throughout the day, but I find it is best to stick with one designated camera. Each camera produces a different type of photo, and I want my session to have a cohesive feel.

Take Pictures
It is easy to get in a picture-taking rut. Here are a few ideas for different, creative pictures:
- Please get in the pictures with your family. I am so passionate about this- our kids need to see the way we smile, the way our eyes light up in their presence. They need our joy to be captured and reflected upon in the future. Embrace the camera! (For more information and tips, read this.)
- Take pictures of your children (duh)
- Take pictures of things, especially rituals. Do you make coffee every morning? Snap a picture. Do you restack the board books every night before bedtime? Grab your camera. Is your counter lined with drying baby bottles? Document it.
- Play with angles. Stoop low to your child's eye level. Stand on top of a chair to get the bird's eye view. Tilt your camera on an angle so your subject is diagonal.

- Hold up an ordinary, everyday object against your wall (coffee cup, toy, car keys, pruning shears, favorite book)

I am always looking for a new way to view the ordinary. Please share your favorite camera perspectives with us in the comments section.

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  1. These are lovely tips. I must get back to photographing my daily rituals myself.... thanks for the beautiful reminder.
    Ronnie xo

    1. Ronnie- thank you for your kind words. They mean a lot coming from you. You're definitely my inspiration. :)